Visual collaboration of simulation data becomes more important every day as product design, development, and manufacturing are globalized. The VCollab suite of tools solutions address these issues and provide a state of the art common Visual Collaboration platform for viewing 3D information, in particular CAD, CAM, and CAE data, for the manufacturing industry.

The highly compressed CAx file format use by VCollab reduces storage space, file transfer time and saves network bandwidth significantly. The compact CAx file format is Browser and SharePoint ready and can be embedded within Microsoft PowerPoint™, Word™, and Excel™ to provide interactive 3D presentations and 3D documentation. Interactive 3D CAE information can replace static 2D images in CAE reports.

Results and input data for most major CAE systems can be converted to CAx format by the VMove CAE utility which can be run in interactive or batch mode. Most major CAD systems can be converted to CAx format by the VMove CAD utility which can be run in interactive or batch mode. The Vmove products also include automatic Meta-Data extraction and are commonly used by SDM solutions to enable search.

For formats that are not supported by the VMove products there is a CAx Writer API available for putting any 3D data into the CAx format.

VCollab provides a series of CAx viewers that are common for all data converted to CAx format eliminating the need for software specific viewers. VCollab Professional can be used to build CAE storyboards containing extra information about the model, simulation and results which can be embedded in Word, Excel and PPT documents for distribution. These CAE story boards can then be viewed by anyone with a free VCollab Presenter Lite. This range of viewers facilitates efficient visualization of simulation data along with effective reviews and collaboration amongst analysis teams, customers and management.








VCollab Professional

– Enables CAE storyboard creation. multiple model overlays, annotations, viewpoints, multiple exports, and saving of updated CAX files.

JT Export Plug-in

– Plug-in to include Save As in JT format 

3D PDF Export Plug-in

– Plug-in to include Save As in 3D PDF format

VCollab Presenter

– Light Weight CAE viewer that extends visualization to decision support and results exploration that can be used to embed CAX files within MS Office, MS SharePoint, or a browser integration.

VCollab Presenter Lite

– Free Light Weight CAE viewer to view CAX files.