Pre-CAD Mechanical Engineering Workbench

Engineering decisions made in the early stages of design have the most impact on the final cost and performance of any product – GrafiCalc® provides a powerful set of capabilities that enables you to conceptualize, analyze, and solve a wide range of mechanical engineering design challenges while making informed decisions in real-time..

GrafiCalc can be used standalone and in conjunction with Microsoft Office as well as all popular CAD applications on any computer running Vista, XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10.

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GrafiCalc  does what mathematical software, numerical spreadsheets, and hand-held calculators simply cannot do – it allows users to associate geometry and calculations in the same worksheet so that change in one updates the other automatically.

GrafiCalc Key Benefits

  • Simulate “live” calculations The seamless fusion between parametric geometry and automated graphical calculations in GrafiCalc virtually eliminates tedious mathematical calculations and equations solving from the mechanical engineering design process. View Examples (0:56 minutes)


  • Goal seek geometry In GrafiCalc you can automatically “back solve” design challenges that benefit from optimization against any shape, position, or fit related design criteria. View Examples (0:57 minutes)


  • Solve mechanism and machinery design challenges GrafiCalc can help you to simulate and solve virtually any imaginable design challenge involving planar motion. View Examples (1:09 minutes)


  • Validate tolerances and producibility In GrafiCalc you can simulate the effect of manufacturing tolerances to mediate upfront between quality goals and process capabilities. View Examples (0:43 minutes)


  • Reuse and share solution templates Intellectual property and validated “electronic” prototypes created in GrafiCalc can be reused and shared without re-inventing the wheel every time. View Examples (0:45 minutes)










Automatic Measurements

      GrafiCalc incorporates linear, radial, and angular dimensions that can be constrained to measure any aspect of the flexible model. The measurements are updated automatically as design intents are altered. The measurements can be directly included in calculations setup in GrafiCalc Formula bar.

Calculation Facilties

      Formula Bar: GrafiCalc incorporates a ‘point and click’ type Formula bar that is used to establish bi-directional association between geometry, dimension, empirical values, and calculations.  Built-in calculation functions: GrafiCalc includes a library of 88 built-in functions to setup in the Formula bar and the Programmable calculator.