CAE Fidesys

CAE Fidesys is a next-generation software suite for structural analysis.  The new Spectral Element Method used in the software’s calculation cores () allows engineers to radically speed up and increase precision of complex calculations.  This new method allows performing sophisticated large scale Structural analysis simulations on a simple laptop or workstation that were previously only possible on large HPC clusters.

CAE Fidesys offers high speed accurate calculations, confirmed by NAFEMS benchmarks with a powerful and flexible pre-processor at an attractive and affordable price.


CAE Fidesys Standard

  • Linear static and dynamic problems
  • Solid, beam and/or shell elements.
  • Plane stress and plane strain
  • Eigenfrequencies and eigenforms
  • Critical loads and buckling modes calculation
  • Supports most standard geometry imports – additional Converter modules available


CAE Fidesys HPC

  (add-on to CAE Fidesys Standard)

  • OpenMP technology: for multiple cores on a single workstation
  • MPI technology: for several workstations inside a network or on nodes of a supercomputer


Fidesys Explicit

(add-on to CAE Fidesys Standard)

  • Explicit dynamic solutions
  • Linear and non-linear solutions


Fidesys Composite

(add-on to CAE Fidesys Standard)

  • Analysis of composite material and effective properties (including porous, fiber-laminated and woven composites)
  • Construction of complex, realistic composite microstructure
  • Estimation of effective properties of a monolayer
  • Rubber-cord materials modelling


Fidesys Non-Linear

(add-on to CAE Fidesys Standard)

  • Non-Linear static and dynamic problems
  • Elastoplastic material models of von Mises and Drucker-Prager
  • Geometrically nonlinear problems
  • Physically nonlinear problems (Contact)


Fidesys Thermal/FSI

(add-on to CAE Fidesys Standard)

  • Problems of thermal conductivity and thermoelasticity.
  • Fluid/Structure Interaction



CAE Fidesys Professional

  • CAE Fidesys Standard + all modules
  • Full waveform modeling
  • Seismic modeling
  • Non-destructive control modeling