CrossManager is a Stand Alone application that converts files from most CAD formats on a file to file transfer basis. There is no need for a license of any CAD system. You just have to select a CAD file in the software for convert it automatically in the format you need.




Interfaces and versions supported by CrossManger

Interfaces and versions supported by CrossManager
Formats Read Write
  Versions Extensions Versions Extensions
3DXML     .3dxml
3MF     .3mf
3Shape DCM   .dcm  
ACIS Up to 2016 1.0 .sat .asat V5 .sat
CADDS explicit + parametric 4x To 5.12 ._pd _pd   ._pd
CATIA V4 2D 4.15 to 4.24 .model .dlv .dlv3 .exp  
CATIA V4 3D 4.15 to 4.24 .model .dlv .dlv3 .exp .session 4 .model
CATIA V5 2D R10 to R26 (V5-6R2016) .CATDrawing  
CATIA V5 3D R10 to R26 (V5-6R2016) .CATPart .CATProduct R14 & R19 .CATPart .CATProduct
CATIA V6 2D R2010x to R2016x .3dxml  
CATIA V6 3D R2010x to R2016x .3dxml  
CEREC – Sirona Dental up to 3.8 .sdt .cdt .idt  
CGR R10 to R26 (V5-6R2016x) .cgr R14 & R19 .cgr
COLLADA   1.4.1 .dae
DWG / DXF 3D 2.5 to 2016 .dwg .dxf  
DXF     .dxf
EMF   18-ST8 .emf
I-deas   .arc  
IFC 2×3 and later .ifc .ifcxml  
IGES up to 5.3 .igs .iges 5.2 .igs
Inventor 9 to 2017 .ipt .iam  
JT 6.4 to 10.0 .jt 8.0 .jt
OBJ all .obj   .obj
Open CASCADE   6.2.0 to 7.1.0 .brep
Parasolid V7 to V29 .x_t .x_b .xmt_txt .xmt_bin 18 .x_t .x_b
PDF 2D   1.7 .pdf
PDF 3D   1.7 .pdf .u3d .prc
PLMXML 4 & 6 .plmxml  
Procera   .c3s  
ProE / Creo Parametric 2D 2000i to Creo 3.0 .drw .drw.*  
ProE / Creo Parametric 3D 2000i to Creo 3.0 .prt .prt.* .xpr .asm .asm.* .xas  
Rhino V1 to V5 .3dm  
Robcad   .rf   .rf
Solid Edge 2D ST1 to ST9 .dft  
Solid Edge 3D 10 to ST9 .par .psm .asm  
SOLIDWORKS 2D 2004 to 2017 .slddrw  
SOLIDWORKS 3D 1999 to 2017 .sldprt .sldasm 2006 .sldprt .sldasm
STEP AP203 (E1, E2), AP214 (up to E3), AP242 (E1) .stp .step .stpZ AP203 (E1, E2), AP214 (E3), AP242 (E1) .stp .stpZ
STL   Binary or ASCII .stl
UG NX 2D NX to NX11 .prt  
UG NX 3D 15 to NX11 .prt NX5 .prt
Unisurf     .uni
VDA All .vda   .vda
VRML     .wrl