CrossCad/Plg provides plug-ins for major CAD systems for reading and writing CAD data in other formats.

CrossCad/Plg is linked to the software for which it was designed, consequently users must run a license for the software on the same workstation. CrossCad/Plg modules require the same environment and resources as the application software that they plug into.

All the converters have the same menu from which users simply open and import files and also access advanced options defining how the file will be processed: “write a solid, or a wireframe or b-rep representation of the solid”. The b-rep option will generate a closed solid. To optimize automatic file transfer, a batch mode is now active with all licenses purchased after the trial period. Time is saved by directly selecting a whole directory to be processed along with its sub-directories. This leaves users free to choose the directory in which they want to save their conversions.