Redsdk 2.3 pushes the Global Illumination performance further

  • CPU performance enhancements
  • Better Global Illumination quality
  • New CPU software API
  • 100 new materials delivered

CPU performance enhancements

Redsdk offers real-time (rasterization based) and photo-realistic (ray tracing based) rendering features, while running on the CPUs (Central Processing Unit, i.e. processors cores) and/or the GPUs (Graphics Processing Units, i.e. graphics cards). These alternate or combined running modes, offers the best of each world.

GPUs are used where they perform better than CPUs, mainly for real-time visualization, while CPUs remain the best choice for photo-realism. Furthermore, the CPU visualization mode provides an interesting rendering fallback when the GPU is not present (e.g. rendering farms made of blade servers), not present everywhere (e.g. web deployed application), not supported (e.g. virtualized environments) or incorrectly configured (e.g. wrong driver installed).

Each time Redway3d improve the CPU performance of its graphics middleware, almost all the Redsdk rendering modes benefit from this performance gain. On Redsdk 2.3, the CPU performance raise was measured to 20% at least, compared to previous releases.


Better Global Illumination quality

Global Illumination (GI) algorithms in Redsdk are continuously improved to provide better results for equivalent or better performances over the time.

Indeed, while Redway3d continues to imagine particular cases or Redsdk customers create them, even without being consious of them, the Redsdk 2.3 GI algorithms will require fewer samples, and thus less rendering time, to reach the rendering quality of the previous Redsdk GI versions.


New CPU software API

Redsdk came with buit-in materials for the most popular lighting equations (Lambert, Blinn, Phong, BRDF, etc.) from its first release, back in 2006. Also, Redsdk customers could implement their own lighting models based on GPU shaders, to solve their own rendering needs, as real-time HLR (Hidden Line Removal) in the industry, or real-time cartoon shading for entertainment studios.

Considering the different running modes of Redsdk, it was natural for Redway3d to offer the same kind of customization API for the CPU running mode of Redsdk.

Redsdk programers can thus use all the built-in lighting equations on the GPU or CPU indifferently, or program their own for GPUs, CPUs or both.


100 new materials delivered

Part of the latest Redmaterials release, 100 new materials representing exotic woods and veeners are proposed. As a reminder, Redmaterials is not mandatory to use and customize materials in Redsdk. Redmaterials integrates third parties textures with a high quality and a very high resolution that Redsdk customers who purchased the Redmaterials add-on can distribute without run-time nor royalty.