Redsdk 2.2 release will illuminate your renderings … globally!

Redsdk adds the “global illumination” to its photo-realism
Redsdk now offers the skylight type for its lights sources
Support for Windows 7

The global illumination (GI)

The global illumination (GI) describes a set of algorithms which simulates light

bounces on every object in a 3D model. Thus, each object (wall, door, seat, etc.) becomes a light by itself, exactly as it happens in reality, when every object absorbs, transmits, reflects a part of the original light sources, which can be either natural or artificial.

The GI is a key step in enhancing the level of realism of all the images & animations you will create using Redsdk. For this purpose, Redway3d has developed an industrial and robust GI solution. Furthermore, Redsdk’s GI creates high quality renderings without noise in a limited computation time; unlike other solutions that suffer from scalability and convergence problems when facing the need for the rendering of high quality pictures or animations.


p230210Kitchen p230210CarAudiR8

The skylight

The skylight is another key step required to produce realistic images and animations. The skylight is a new kind of light source inside Redsdk that simulates the lighting contribution that come from every direction. The skylight is for example perfectly suited for the rendering of outdoor scenes that gather the smooth diffuse lighting contribution coming from cloudy environments. Redsdk users can easily supply their own HDR environment images to integrate their 3D scenes into their own environments with an increased level of realism.

Redsdk based software enable their users to load custom 2D pictures of skies, to simulate the views of the same 2D/3D model in different environments, or at different seasons, dates and times of a same environment, in a very easy way.


Support for Windows 7

Windows 7 is now supported by Redsdk v2.2, in both 32bit and native 64bit versions. The System Check Utility (SCU), which enables end-users of Redsdk based applications to automatically download a certified driver for their software has been updated accordingly.

Redsdk v2.2 graphics toolkit offers 2D/3D real-time and photo-realistic functions from W2000 to Win7, Linux, in 32bit and native 64bit releases when available by the Operating System.