Redsdk 2.0 released with built-in library of materials


  • Wide library of materials for photo-realism and real-time
  • Better ray tracer recursion performances
  • Preliminary support of the INTEL® GMA chipsets
  • Hardware support of the new AMD and NVIDIA® graphics chipsets

Wide library of materials for photo-realism and real-time

Redmaterials is a new add-on for Redsdk, offering pre-configured materials for the RED engine SDK. Through the use of Redmaterials, users get access to more than 300 materials setups of multiple categories (stones, woods, metals, etc.). Each material has some simple parameters (size, tile, taint) which can be tuned by the user.

To benefit from the unified graphics architecture of Redsdk (same code for real-time 2D, 3D and photo-realism), materials are shipped with an approximated real-time setting when the photo-realistic one cannot be processed in real-time.


Better ray tracer recursion performances

Recursion is involved many times in photo-realism rendering, for indirect lighting (reflections, refractions, etc.) and for glossy materials. Redsdk integrates new optimizations which speed up the processing of all recursive rays.

These optimizations can provide 100% acceleration and more to Redsdk users compared to the previous Redsdk release, depending on the recursion level used on the 3D models and the number of indirect rays which must be processed.


Preliminary support of the INTEL® GMA chipsets
In order to expand the range of its hardware supported platforms, Redway3d started working with INTEL® on the Graphics Media Accelerators chipsets. These components equipped more than 80% of the Portable Computers shipped worldwide and represent the minimum graphics hardware configuration for people using Microsoft® Windows Vista.

Redsdk 2.0 offers the support of basic 2D and 3D visualization options while future Redsdk versions will enable programmers to get the same feature coverage with GMA components as NVIDIA® or AMD graphics chipsets.


Hardware support of new AMD and NVIDIA® graphics chipsets
AMD-ATI released the R700 component while NVIDIA® launched the GT200 a few weeks ago. These two new hardware graphics components are now part of the Redsdk test and certification process.

Each new graphics chipset is the occasion to double check the scaling capacities of the RED engine. Indeed, while many engines suffer from design or CPU bottlenecks, the RED engine almost reaches the theoretical performance gain announced by the hardware GPU manufacturers each time they launch a new component.