Missler Software pre-releases Topsolid 7 using RED engine graphics

Business HighLight

Missler Software wanted to provide the best of the current and future 2D/3D hardware capabilities to its customers, with a fast and secure integration path.

Technical Highlight

This business case illustrates the seamless integration of Redsdk with any OpenGL based application.

Introduction of the Redsdk customer

Missler Software, a leading global supplier of CAD, CAM and ERP solutions, is ranked the number 2 CAD/CAM supplier in France and in the Top 10 worldwide. The company provides an integrated software solution for product design, manufacturing and data management.

Missler Software wanted to provide its customers with top performance 2D/3D speed, rendering quality and scalability for its main product line called TopSolid.


A demanding customer

“Missler Software always considered it should focus on added value research & development for its customers, this is why we already offered real-time 2D/3D as well as ray tracing solutions in the past. When Redway3d came up with the RED engine middleware, the Missler Software expectations were very high in terms of performance, quality and scalability, due to our past experience”, said Dominique Laffret, Missler Software, Vice President of Strategic Relationships .


The fast and secure integration path

“When such an important improvement occurs in your application, you worry about the integration time and the possible impact on the way customers use TopSolid”, noted Dominique Laffret. “I was surprised to see the first in-viewport integration samples of Redsdk in TopSolid after a few days of work of our engineers. I received a beta version of TopSolid with RED running inside, as well as the confirmation it was a riskless technical path before the free evaluation period of Redsdk ended (4 weeks)! Nothing changed in our GUI or manipulators, the RED integration was transparent “.


The OpenGL bi-directional compatibility offered by Redsdk

“By using Redsdk, we could get the best of the current 2D/3D hardware performance while keeping all our TopSolid 2D & 3D graphics assets” said Jean-Luc Rolland, Missler Software CTO .

Indeed, by retrieving the OpenGL context of the application, Redsdk draws inside the same screen, window, viewport as the host application, before giving it back to the application in the same state it received it. The host application can then draw 2D & 3D data or call Redsdk at any time to do it instead. Redsdk can on its side manage any viewport or call some existing OpenGL code (- Redway3d note).

“It is a full bi-directional compatibility, TopSolid can call Redsdk and Redsdk can call TopSolid”, outlined Jean-Luc Rolland.


The right partner you want to help you in 2D/3D

“I always heard the Redway3d engineers were present and responsive” mentioned Christian Arber, Missler Software CEO . “For any professional company, especially in the industrial business, it is essential to rely on people who understand the challenges and adapt themselves to your needs and requirements. From my point of view, the RED engine middleware does not mean Missler Software should use the Redway3d package as-is, but more the Redway3d people are ready to tune and optimize it with our constraints. For TopSolid, Redway3d made some optimizations to ensure a seamless use of their software package with the other middleware packages we could use in our software, and the modeler in particular”.


The customer’s final word

“Selecting a 2D/3D middleware is obviously a long term business strategy. The decision to go for Redsdk was driven by 3 main factors: the current product capabilities, the risk less integration path and moreover the confidence we had in the Redway3d team to achieve an ambitious road map that guarantees us to stay on the top of the 2D/3D market in the future”.

“Missler Software entered a long term partnership with Redway3d and I already know TopSolid meets our 2D/3D customers expectations! ” concluded Christian Arber.