Configura Sverige AB powers CET Designer® with the RED engine graphics

Parametric Graphical Configuration with Redsdk, by Johan Lyreborn, Configura Sverige AB CEO

Business HighLight

Configura Sverige AB wanted not only the best graphics technology but also a partner that could listen to and work together with the company. The initial graphics quality and performance were as important as the capacity to remain an active and proactive partner that continues to develop and move forward at a fast pace.

Technical Highlight

This business case illustrates the scalability of Redsdk.

Introduction of the Redsdk customer

Configura Sverige is a globally operating company with headquarters in Linköping, Sweden, and commercial operations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Founded in 1990, the company is privately owned with more than 80 employees worldwide and annual sales of more than $9 million USD. Configura creates Parametric Graphical Configuration (PGC) software solutions for leading international companies. The software’s origin stems from the office furniture industry but the technology is perfectly suited for other industries that deal in configurable, complex products requiring space planning.

Configura software solutions include CET Designer® and manufacturer Extensions, Configura® (original software platform) and InstantPlanner®, see for more details.

Configura AB wanted to offer its customers better graphics performance to be able to handle large and complex graphics models, while increasing the visualization speed and realism at the same time.


The challenge

“Configura integrated several software components, among which the most popular one is probably the DWG/DXF file format library from the Open Design Alliance, which is a key component for architectural 2D drawings and 3D models in particular. Of course, modifying existing components structure to add a new software graphics component was not an option” said Johan Lyreborn, CEO for Configura. “Furthermore, Configura wanted to enable its PGC users to manipulate extremely large models and get rid of performance issues related to scalability.


The evaluation

“Our products already had real-time and photo-realistic visualization tools, so it was not as if any visualization package could have made the job for our customers. I expected it to be faster, with a nicer rendering quality and a better scalability than our existing libraries”, commented Göran Rydqvist, CTO for Configura. “A short evaluation of Redsdk quickly proved our R&D team could benefit from an excellent graphics speed and scalability, while getting access to advanced rendering options for the same engineering investment. We realized the graphics cards were used in a more effective way, offering more performance for the same hardware configuration and Redsdk could offer more than 50% performance increase at each new graphics cards generation”.


The integration

“Considering our unique technical requirements, when users can create, edit, delete dynamically thousands and thousands of different objects made of thousands of polygons each, I did not expect to get a turnkey software package to solve my problem” added Göran Rydqvist. “I wanted to use a graphics toolkit delivering a brute force 2D/3D graphics power that the Configura R&D team could customize and optimize in a clever way, according to its application requirements. Redsdk offered all the primitives in its API to integrate our specific needs and deliver this graphics acceleration I was looking for”.


The end user’s benefits

“Offering advanced graphics capacities to its customers, at a similar product price was really a challenge for Configura. While all our customers will benefit from an increased scalability, all of them will get a better visualization quality simultaneously”, precised Johan Bengtsson, Vice President, Marketing & Sales at Configura.

“While the designers primarily want to be able to work efficiently on their 2D/3D models, I know our better rendering realism will be a key weapon for our customers sales forces, especially in the kitchen, bathroom and furniture areas”.


The customer’s final word

“Developing a PGC product like CET Designer® would be too long technically and not price-wise competitive without partners. Indeed, when your software manages all the steps from the 2D/3D design drawing to the order, you need to rely on software components to be cost effective “.

“Configura has this partnership culture from its creation date. I am glad Redway3d offered a model that fitted in to our existing business situation” concluded Johan Lyreborn.